Session Info - Portraits

About your Portrait Session

photography by SKY strives for personalized styles in our approach to portrait photography:  Classic, Contemporary and Artistic. Our approach is largely driven by your preferences as well as the energy of the session.  During our consultation, we help you determine the style that most suits your interests, personality and purpose. Classic photography, utilizing time-tested photographic styles, stands up very well over time, while a contemporary approach often introduces some cutting edge techniques and styling – often resulting in unique portraits that have a very “current” feel.  With an artistic approach, the SKY’s the limit! (no pun intended!) Here is where you can push the limits of creative expression that result in very memorable portraits that are often conversation pieces.

Our portrait session includes:

  • Initial consultation – to determine your preferences, location, style, number of subjects, time of year, location of portrait in home, etc.
  • Photography Session – See individual notes for each type of session
  • Image Review Session – Following your photography session we will arrange a date for you to come to the studio to review your portraits and the many options for displaying them. Your portraits will be ordered in a comfortable, friendly, environment with one-on-one service. You will never be rushed or have to wait in line.

Newborn Session Tips

Please try to hold off feeding the baby until after you arrive at the studio. We will provide you a quiet place to feed the baby and let them fall asleep. Please don’t feel stressed if we need to stop to allow your baby time for a feed, change or just a cuddle from mom or dad. We understand that little ones work on their own schedule, not ours. Feel free to have items you would like to incorporate ready to use. Family heirlooms or items special to your baby work well.  We love using handmade blankets and quilts made especially for your baby… please bring those! Please have a long sleeve black t-shirt on hand for yourself and your spouse. This is an important element needed in the process of capturing many popular poses. Clothing for babies should be kept super simple – less is definitely best. Most of the portraits will be done naked or swaddled.

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Special Occasions Tips

For special occasions, please feel free to bring appropriate items.  For one-year birthdays ~  balloons and a small cake can be used in the last few frames to celebrate this important milestone.  A special toy or family heirlooms are welcome.

Children and Family Session Tips

Try to schedule your session during a time of day that works best for your young ones. Please avoid baby foods with orange tints (squash, carrots, etc) 24 hours prior to sitting.  Bring a snack or drink just in case, and throw in a few favorite toys or comfort items that you don’t mind including in the portraits if that should become necessary. Let us know about any likes or dislikes your child has that we should be aware of. Above all, try to relax. If your child senses that you are stressed, they are more likely to become anxious about the portrait experience. We love children and understand their individual complexities and will do everything we can to bring out the best in your child. If you’d like to individualize a bit more, think about adding accessories. Scarves, hats, jackets, and jewelry can dramatically affect the stylistic feel of the portraits. Please see the What to Wear for Family Portraits (PDF).

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