Meet Sky

Kathryn Yannalfo

Photographer/Creative Director/Founder

From her adolescent years to the present, Kat could be found with a camera in her hand always looking for that ideal image! Her love of photography led her to The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) where she obtained her degree in Photography (in 1984). Shortly thereafter, she obtained her computer programming certification from CPI to satisfy her other intellectual interest. With the rapid growth in digital photography since 2000 – the creative possibilities spoke to both of Kat’s passions – Camera’s and Computers – A marriage made in heaven. The possibilities seemed endless! To fulfill her lifelong dream, Kat formed photography by SKY in 2003.

Kat’s work can be seen in popular magazines, newspapers, upon billboards – as well as in some of NJ’s finest homes. Kat loves all things Nikon and will stare at you all mean-like if you mention the word Canon in her presence. In her spare time she has been known to produce high school musicals, build grammar school libraries and watch HGTV. She can often be spotted lurking around B&H photo with a look of longing on her face. Kat has been credited with single-handedly keeping Ben & Jerry’s in business. She dislikes zombies.

Stuart Yannalfo

Equipment carrier, bookkeeper, janitor and sometime blogger (and Co-founder)

(The small “s” in sKy if you were wondering…) Stu can also be found changing ceiling tiles, cleaning air vents and trying to re-wire the occasional wall outlet if he is feeling ambitious. Otherwise, he is likely to be spotted trying to figure out which end of the lens connects to the camera. Oh, we almost forgot –he is a Fractal Artist, too! Which is another talent that you have never heard of, but actually, it’s really cool! Be sure to ask us about this when you visit our studio, or visit here.  In his spare time, Stu enjoys heavy metal, opera and zombies.